100 Days Until The Ski Season: 10 Ways To Prepare

The countdown to the ski season has begun! With 100 days until the ski season starts, it’s time to start preparing for an exhilarating winter in the mountains. Whether you’re an avid skier or a winter sports enthusiast, the Skier’s Edge Platinum Package is your ultimate companion to elevate your snow ski training to new heights.

What is the Skier’s Edge Platinum Package?

The Skier’s Edge Platinum Package provides you with our top-of-the-line machine pre-configured with all of our available accessories, including the QS7 RPM lateral training machine, Assistant Coach Balance Bar™, Transport Wheels, Athletic Plates, and the BootMaster®. With the Platinum Package, you get the most realistic ski training experience with the option to train in your ski boots. This offers a unique and intense workout targeting ski-specific muscles, ensuring you’re well-prepared to conquer the slopes from day one. Say goodbye to those first few weeks of skiing when your muscles “scream” and welcome the muscle memory conditioning that perfectly translates to improved performance on the mountain.

10 Ways the Platinum Package Prepares You for the Ski Season

1. Complete System for Optimal Performance: The Platinum Package is the most realistic ski simulator machine ever made and it’s a comprehensive lateral training system designed to elevate your skiing skills and take your ski training to the next level. Each component of this cutting-edge system complements the other to provide a holistic approach to lateral training and ski conditioning. The Assistant Coach Balance Bar assists in maintaining proper alignment and balance, while the BootMaster® Accessory platform and footpads ensure a secure and safe connection between your ski boots and the machine. The Athletic Plates allow the user to easily switch between ski boots and athletic sneakers to train, and users can quickly adjust their stance in 8 different settings ranging from a narrow mogul stance to a wide carve stance, or even a single leg setting.

2. Train in Your Ski Boots 365 Days a Year: With the Platinum Package accessible for training in your home 365 days a year, you can maintain your skiing form and conditioning no matter the season or weather conditions. The convenience of having the Skier’s Edge in your home or training facility allows you to incorporate skiing-specific workouts into your regular training routine. The BootMaster® allows you to engage in practical lateral training and snow ski training by using your actual ski boots, even during the off-season. This unique snow ski simulator replicates the on-slope experience, helping you build muscle memory and maintain a consistent skiing stance for peak performance on the mountain. By wearing your ski boots while using the Skier’s Edge, you can break in your boots and get comfortable with their fit and feel, ensuring a seamless transition when you hit the slopes.

3. Improve Ski-Specific Muscles: The BootMaster® targets the exact muscles used in skiing, honing your skiing technique and performance. The lateral motion and ski-specific exercises focus on building strength in muscles such as quads, hamstrings, glutes, and inner and outer thigh muscles. By specifically targeting these skiing-specific muscles, the BootMaster® helps you develop the power and control needed for carving turns unlike any other cross training.

4. Achieve Proper Form and Technique: Proper form and technique are crucial for successful skiing, and the BootMaster® ingrains proper form and technique and aligns you in the optimal position over your ski boots with ankles flexed, enhancing your snow ski training experience. Independent swiveling footpads teach proper edging and carving techniques while improving balance and maintaining proper weight transfer. Proper form, technique, and alignment not only enhance your skiing performance but also reduces the risk of injuries caused by incorrect body positioning.

5. Engage Your Core: The Platinum Package strongly emphasizes engaging your core muscles throughout your training session. The lateral movements required during the exercises activate and strengthen your core, contributing to enhanced stability and control on the slopes. A strong core is crucial for maintaining proper skiing form, enabling you to glide effortlessly through turns and challenging terrain.

6. Enhance Retraction Balance: Retraction balance, the ability to maintain balance while transitioning between turns, is a fundamental skill for skiers. The BootMaster® focuses on refining your retraction balance by taking you through the repetitive motion of edging in your ski boots, which will stretch those tight muscles that are hard to train during the offseason. This will enable you to execute smoothly linked turns and flawless transitions. With improved retraction balance, you’ll feel more in control on the slopes and enjoy a safe skiing experience.

7. Experience the Mountain Feel: The Platinum Package offers a unique training experience that closely duplicates the feeling of skiing on a snow-covered mountain so you can bring the mountain to your home 365 days a year! The lateral motion and ski-specific exercises provide an authentic snow ski simulator, allowing you to fine-tune your technique and get into the skiing mindset before the season starts. With 100 days until the ski season, you will familiarize yourself with the movements and sensations to be more prepared for any challenges that come your way on the slopes.

8. Prepare for High-Intensity Skiing: Skiing requires a combination of endurance, strength, and agility. The Platinum Package offers high-intensity lateral training, challenging your muscles and cardiovascular system to meet the demands of skiing. With 100 days until the ski season, incorporating this into your fitness routine will build stamina and endurance, ensuring you’re ready for those exhilarating full days of skiing.

9. Non-Impact Training: One of the standout features of the Platinum Package is its non-impact training nature. Unlike traditional ski training methods that may put stress on your joints and muscles, the Platinum Package offers a non-impact yet highly effective way to train aerobically to build skiing-specific muscles and improve ski edging. Enjoy the benefits of intense training without worrying about excessive strain on your body.

10. Ideal for All Levels: Whether you’re a seasoned skiing pro or a beginner looking to improve, the Platinum Package is designed for skiers of all levels. Its customizable resistance and adjustable settings allow users to tailor the training intensity to their individual skill levels. Whether you’re working on foundational skiing skills or honing your advanced techniques, the BootMaster® is your versatile companion throughout your skiing journey.


With 100 days left until the ski season, the time to prepare is now! Don’t miss out on elevating your snow ski training with the Skier’s Edge Platinum Package. Order today, ensuring you’re fully equipped to conquer the slopes with confidence and finesse. Get ready to experience the thrill of mastering the mountains like never before!

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