The Best Way to Prepare for a Ski Trip

By Sara Web

Our family thought we had all the best gear but it turned out we were missing the most crucial piece.

Plans for our ski vacation started out with the whole family super excited to experience a world-class ski resort. We all wanted to ski the entire mountain like pros, from first chair to last call. We envisioned lunch outside in the sun, laughing and sharing our favorite runs and a late dinner enjoying the town. It would feel like a beautiful experience that would bond our family and give us memories to last a lifetime!

My husband and I had so much fun researching, and purchasing top-of-the-line equipment, knowing that it would give us the advantage on the mountain. At the very least, we certainly were going to look like we knew what we were doing. Departure day was here, and travel to the resort went surprisingly smooth, as we all know traveling with a family can be quite the task in and of itself. The weather was perfect, as we awoke to 6” of fresh snow blanketing everything, and nothing but clear blue skies in the forecast. This is the day every skier dreams of, and our vacation was setting up to be the best ever.

The first few runs were exactly as we hoped. Pure bliss! It wasn’t long however, before our legs started to scream in agony, and we all started to slog a bit. I’d like to think we are fairly athletic, but skiing simply uses different muscle groups than we can train for with other sports. By lunchtime, the hot tub and shopping were starting to look like a better idea for the afternoon than just trying to get off the lift again…and it was only the first day!

Standing at the bottom of the mountain, taking in the day, looking back upon this postcard setting was just too majestic. I thought, there had to be a better way to prepare for this. I didn’t want to sit in the lodge simply being a spectator; I wanted to be a participant.

During our trip, one of our ski instructors told us about the Skier’s Edge. It sounded too good to be true.  A tool that could get our legs in shape, work on our balance and ski technique, all while getting an amazing workout at the same time. I was intrigued. We decided to try the Skier’s Edge, and WOW what a surprise!

Not only is it fun to use and keeps us in shape, but the kids enjoy it too! Fun for the whole family, all while teaching proper ski technique improving our abilities.

This is by far the best investment and greatest piece of ski equipment we’ve ever owned.

Our next family trip was our dream come true. We returned to the same ski resort and the whole family did what we’ve always sought after – skied every day from first chair to last call…all grinning from ear to ear. It doesn’t get any better than that!!!

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