Slaying the Giant

By: David Altieri

I had an extremely serious parachute accident when I was 27 years old.

In 1983, I was serving on the U.S. Army Parachute Team, The Golden Knights, when I impacted the ground at around 30 miles per hour. I was a mess and would have certainly died if not for the efforts of the Army Medical Evacuation Helicopter Team. I suffered from many broken bones and damage to body parts that I can neither pronounce nor spell. It took several years of rehab and surgery before I could participate in my normal physical activities, including skydiving.

At age 59, I still deal with “the Giant” – all the aches and pains caused in the aftermath of hitting the planet. For the last few years I have been having problems with my right leg and knee, where I suffered the most serious of my injuries. I’ve been undergoing physical therapy with the VA, but I couldn’t even do a full squat without pushing up on something.

Because of the pain I was experiencing, I thought my running days were over.

As a skier, runner, and mountaineer, I have owned many home exercise machines throughout the years to assist me in recovery and staying in shape. Most of the equipment I’ve purchased was promptly returned during the 30-day trial.  The Skier’s Edge is the only machine that I can say I’m truly impressed with!

After just three weeks with the Skier’s Edge, my leg and knee pain began to subside. The pain went away almost completely, and my leg became noticeably stronger and even more flexible. Using the Skier’s Edge for 20-30 minutes a day has given me nearly pain-free morning runs!  You have to use a variety of weapons to slay “the Giant”, and the Skier’s Edge has proven to be one of the most important.

It is truly a well-designed and constructed home exercise machine. The materials are of the highest quality, and I believe that I will enjoy many years of use. It is incredibly easy and simple to assemble. Hats off to the mechanical engineers!  It is a true joy to use this machine, and it never gets boring. It will rip your legs and strengthen your back and core muscles. You can achieve a fabulous nonimpact cardio/strength workout with this machine. The leg exercise even helps significantly with my mountaineering, where I carry heavy packs up to high altitudes.

I will continue to be an avid skier for the rest of my life. I plan on using this machine as part of my physical conditioning routine. I’m even a part-time ski instructor, helping others with disabilities to ski. I’ve recommended the machine to friends and rehab centers alike.

I can ski, run, and climb mountains, thanks to the Skier’s Edge.

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