SHRED Fitness: it’s Not Just for Skiers!

How Can I Prepare for Ski Season?

An age-old question. All you avid skiers out there know how exhausting the first few days of the season can be. By the time you’re taking a lunch break at the lodge or trudging back to your car, you’re sore in places you didn’t know you even had! This is because skiing requires very specific patterns of muscle movement that aren’t often used in everyday activities. Lateral (side to side) and Eccentric (often called “negative”) movements are crucial to strength and form when skiing.

Just like every other skier out there, we’ve all asked the questions: “How can I improve my pre-season training? How can I make sure I’m ready for the season to start?”

If you’re part of the fitness world, you’ve probably experienced the growing trends of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), circuit training, and fitness classes. These types of workouts are popular for a reason: they’re fast, effective, and easily customizable to fit any fitness goal. There has been an increasing popularity of these classes tailored for sports such as boxing, basketball, cycling and rowing. Lifelong skier Caroline Levere, 27, saw this pattern and wondered, “Why isn’t there a fitness class dedicated to Skiing?”

Strength and Stability workouts at Shred Fitness
Strength and Stability workouts at Shred Fitness. Source: Shred Fitness

This question led her to consult with ski trainers and instructors to develop a new fitness concept which has grown exponentially since its launch 6 months ago. Shred Fitness is Caroline’s ski-inspired fitness class, taught from her studio in New York. She has incorporated the Skier’s Edge into a HIIT-style circuit routine which takes ski conditioning to a whole new level.

Taking Ski Fitness Beyond the Slopes

Shred was featured in a recent Bloomberg Article, where author Tim Sohn talked to Caroline about some of her goals for the classes. Unlike other ski-specific workouts, Shred appeals to athletes of any skill level or sport. It’s not just for elite skiers!

Shred Cultivates a sense of community
Shred Cultivates a sense of community. Source: Shred Fitness

‘Not everyone who takes a spin class is going to ride outside, and not everyone who does a boxing workout really wants to box,’ Levere says. ‘And [Shred is] definitely a workout that people who don’t ski can enjoy and benefit from.’ 10/10/2019

By bringing accessibility and out-of-the-box thinking to the world of skiing fitness, Shred is hard at work helping skiers prepare for the upcoming season, and helping others to experience the joy of moving their bodies in a new way. But most importantly, they’re having fun!

Shred Fitness focuses on a full-body HIIT workout
Shred Fitness focuses on a full-body HIIT workout. Source: Shred Fitness

To learn more about Caroline Levere and how Shred is changing the way people experience fitness, read Tim Sohn’s full article on Or if Audio is more your thing, you can listen on Bloomberg Radio. Experience the Skier’s Edge for yourself by heading to the website.

You can learn more about Shred Fitness on their website and follow Caroline and the other trainers over on Instagram @shred_fitness !

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