A Bold Move – Taking the Leap into Powder Skiing

Have you always wanted the confidence to ski powder? 2020 could be your season! Get inspired by Cody Roberts’ story of how he conquered powder with the help of the Skier’s Edge.

A bold move.

We’ve all been there. Looking through our latest ski magazines in search of the best skis, boots and fitness tips – anything that’ll improve the way we look and feel on the slopes. We skim articles looking for answers to the ultimate question – will it make me ski any better?

Last year, I realized this question went beyond just wanting to ski better. My buddies and I signed up for a week-long trip to the world’s greatest powder skiing experience, Mike Wiegele’s Helicopter Skiing in British Columbia. This was a bold move for me since I was not a good powder skier. In fact, powder has always been a struggle of major proportions for me!

My goal has always been to become a really good skier – not average, but really good! So perhaps this trip was my first real commitment towards this goal. On our first day skiing, the powder was pristine and as well – it was my undoing! I didn’t ski well at all. I just couldn’t get the hang of it and I was on my way to being the snowball mascot of laughter. But I quickly found there’s more to good skiing than just the latest gear.

My legs were shot after a couple runs and I didn’t feel like I was in good condition. Hours in the hot tub and Ibuprofen didn’t take away my aches and pains. I kept wondering – can I really do this?

Can I really do this?

I needed help. My ski guide at Mike Wiegele’s took me into the training facility. Inside, there’s a fleet of Skier’s Edge machines for the newbies to master the correct motion technique to ski powder. Everyone else uses them to condition themselves for the first runs of the day. I asked my ski guide if he trained on them. He told me the biggest difference in his skiing came from training on the Skier’s Edge. He said it helped build his strength and stamina to ski all day long without fatigue. He said he also made huge improvements in his ability to ski any condition, “Look, you can spend good money on the latest skis and boots but they alone don’t make you a great skier. What gets me down the mountain is technique and good conditioning, and that’s what the Skier’s Edge machine gives me.”

He told me that skiing uses very different muscles and it’s important to be sport-specific when you train. So, I got on a Skier’s Edge and started training. I was totally surprised by what a killer workout it was! It helped me learn the proper technique on powder and I worked on it for two days straight.

I have accomplished my goal of becoming a really good skier!

My last two days were on the mountain and I was skiing powder like I have always dreamed! What a high! I was exhilarated and thrilled with accomplishing this goal.

The answer to the ultimate question:

Later in the season, and after working out on this machine a couple times a week, I couldn’t believe what a difference it made in my skiing! I was amazed how much my strength and stamina improved. My legs felt super strong and I could finally ski the entire day without major leg burn. Everything seemed to finally click. I stayed balanced, kept my body down the fall-line, and rolled effortlessly from edge to edge making beautiful turns – the same motion as the Skier’s Edge. Absolutely amazing!

This year we’re heading back to Mike Wiegele’s for another week of fabulous powder, this time to ski from top to bottom – all day! I’m excited to see how much improvement I’ve continued to make by training on the Skier’s Edge. I can honestly say that I’m skiing better now than I ever have in my life and I believe that I have accomplished my goal of becoming a really good skier. When friends ask me what will make them a better skier, I tell them I have the answer to the ultimate question – the Skier’s Edge and a trip to Mike Wiegele’s Helicopter Skiing.

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