Don’t Give Up on Your New Year’s Resolution… Ski Better in 2020!

Are you already feeling burnt out on your 2020 resolutions? It can be discouraging after that first month if things aren’t going the way you’d hoped. But remember! You still have 11 more months to turn things around! We’ve had some amazing success stories from skiers who chose not to give up on their goals of becoming the Skier they’ve always dreamed.

Here’s how Tom Campbell used the Skier’s Edge to help him fulfill the best New Year’s resolution he ever made!

A Daring Resolution

“Every year my illusions of a perfect ski vacation quickly disappear as feelings of exhaustion and frustration come with the close of each day. I dream of blue bird days and skiing effortlessly through fresh powder. I don’t dream of face plants and burning quads. There had to be a better way. So last year I made more than just a New Year’s resolution – I made the ultimate commitment to myself: I am going to be a better skier!

Enter the Skier’s Edge

I watch other skiers – the really good ones that you see from the chair – and I know I have the potential to be one of them. Yes, I want to ski every run with power and confidence, without getting tired by lunchtime. Call me crazy but I want to ski the entire mountain like I live in a ski town and ski 100 days a year. Is it possible? Absolutely!

Last March I received an exceptionally thoughtful birthday gift – a Skier’s Edge. The Skier’s Edge is a ski simulator and training machine. It was the perfect present to help me fulfill my New Year’s resolution of better skiing.

The Best Ski Training I’ve Ever Experienced

I trained on this machine like it was a religious obligation: 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Even days when I was feeling run down or tired from too much stress, I jumped on the machine and felt completely refreshed and invigorated after my workout. The side-to-side motion was so realistic to skiing that 30 minutes of exercise flew by.

Not only did the Skier’s Edge allow me to work on my resolution, but it also helped my wife as well. She lost weight and improved her overall fitness. I was positive that I had made great improvements in my skiing. I couldn’t wait to get back on the slopes!

Skiing Resolutions Fulfilled

On our first ski trip this winter, I was proud of how well I skied. My legs were strong all day and I started skiing more aggressively. On areas of the mountain that I had previously skied with reservation and less stellar technique, I was now skiing with speed and control. What a rush! I was balanced, I had great weight transfer and edge control, and my upper body was quiet. Every pointer I had ever been given was finally falling into place. Training on the Skier’s Edge machine taught me the “feeling” of powerful, confident skiing.

Not only did it give me confidence, but it greatly improved my technique. I was finally able to really carve a turn. I was skiing the steeps, flying through the trees, and enjoying the bumps. But the best part was the improvement my wife made to her skiing. On her first day out she made huge improvements over the previous season. She was skiing with greater speed and increased confidence. She was even able to join me on areas I previously skied alone.

The Ski Vacation I Always Wanted

We had a great time, and my wife is starting to enjoy skiing the way I do. This was the perfect vacation I had always hoped for.”

It’s not too late to salvage YOUR New Year’s Resolution for Ski. Visit us over at The Skier’s Edge to commit to your goals today!

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