The Benefits of Sports Simulators – Why Use Them?

Are sports simulators really effective? How will they benefit my training? Are they better than cross-training?

These are all important questions, and if you’re dedicated to improving performance in your sport, you likely want every edge you can get! Read on to learn some of the reasons why you might want to consider adding a sports simulator to your training regimen!

No More Waiting on the Weather!

One of the biggest benefits of sports simulators is that you can use them anywhere, any time! Instead of staying inside on a rainy day, you can ride your bike! No snow in the middle of summer? You can still ski!

And we know how hard it is to juggle work and life. So for those who feel their busy schedule keeps them from spending time at their favorite sport, you can still train for it under blue skies, at any hour of the day!

Muscle Memory and Mental Benefits

So many sports are seasonal, which can sometimes be a problem when very specific skills are required. Think of pilots and their flight simulators. They are able to constantly practice complex skills and reaction time, even when real flight is not possible.

The same applies to sports! Both physical and mental exercise are required for mastery of a technique. The more often you’re able to practice your golf swing, carving the perfect powder turn, or landing that backflip, the more quickly you’ll progress!

Sports Simulators and Specificity

Whether you’re a single or multi-sport athlete, you’ve likely heard of the training Principle of Specificity. This is the idea that the body and muscles make adaptations to a specific activity, sport, or skill based on repetition of that action. For example, a runner gets a faster sprint by running. A golfer will improve their swing through practice. A powerlifter will increase their Squat PR by squatting. You should focus on your desired outcome rather than other exercises which might only improve general fitness.

It’s easy to see how sports simulators can benefit your training specificity. While sport-specific training is not the only kind of beneficial training for an athlete, incorporating it consistently is critical. With a simulator, you’ll never have to fall back on cross-training, which often neglects sport-specific muscles and fitness. Why should a skier have to lift weights in the off-season… when you could have the benefits from skiing all year long!

Skiing Simulations

Skiing is a perfect example of the benefits of sports simulators. No matter how much you feel like you’ve prepared during the off-season, the first day back on the slopes is always brutal. You’re sore in places you didn’t know you had!

There are four main reasons for this:

  • Skiing requires a high degree of Specificity: there are few things that can truly prepare your body to ski.
  • Skiing is extremely seasonal: most people can’t do it all year long.
  • Skiing is weather dependent: even during the season, there are many days when skiing isn’t possible.
  • Good skiing requires a high degree of skill and technique which takes hours and hours of practice.

When you look at it this way, it’s easy to see that ALL skiers can benefit from a simulator to increase sport-specific training. It’s the perfect way to make sure you’re not limping for weeks after your first full day back on the mountain!

But more importantly, a ski simulator will also help prevent injury through strengthening of muscles, ligaments, and joints. It will also let you work year-round to develop the technique and muscle memory you need to be a truly great Skier.

This is why we developed The Skier’s Edge! A state-of-the-art Ski Simulator to help you make the most of the days when you’re not out on the slopes.

Here’s what Robb Report had to say about our top-of-the-line QS7:

As the premier ski simulator out there, the QS7 mimics the lateral movements required to chase moguls and carve deep powder turns as well as giving you the cardio endurance you’ll need. Eight settings allow you to quickly change your stance to bomb speedy corduroy cruisers or powder and glade trails. Attach the BootMaster and you’ll create the core and leg muscle memory needed to keep your position centered over your skis….

Robb Report, Jan 2020

Read the full article HERE!

And the best part about the Skier’s Edge? It’s not just for Skiers! The lateral movements target muscles and improve technique for Hockey as well! With our adjustable platform that allows for a wide stance to simulate the skating motions of Hockey, the Skier’s Edge can be transformed into a perfect year-round hockey trainer! Learn more about the benefits of specificity in Hockey training, and how we’ve developed the Skier’s Edge into a Hockey Simulator used by NHL players, coaches and teams!

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