The Skiers Edge Story: Chapter Two – The Design

From its beginnings in a home garage to becoming the official exclusive supplier to 15 of the world’s best ski teams, the Skier’s Edge Company has been built on innovation and hard work.

Chapter 2: The Design of the Skier’s Edge “Art of Design” series explores the behind-the-scenes process of building a Skier’s Edge machine. The design for the newest machines, the QS7 and T7, took into account years of knowledge and expertise. With feedback from some of the world’s best athletes, the long process of designing began.

The Skier's Edge is the Exclusive Official Supplier to the Austrian Ski Team

Analyzing years of customer feedback, the Skier’s Edge team goes through countless iterations on how to improve. Finding ways to improve factors such as the variable resistance, glide, and aesthetic of the machine, the team works to create a more functional and beautiful product.

Skier's Edge Design Process

Sourcing the highest grade materials and running rigorous tests on every component of the machine is an important part of prototyping the new machines. Designing each part down to the most minute detail, assembly requires precision and care.

The U.S. Ski Team Tests Prototype Skier's Edge Machines

Once a design and prototype is built, it’s time to test it. Who better than the world class athletes at the US Ski Team Speed Center at Copper Mountain? Here the athletes tested the function and feel of the machines, and gave their first impressions.

Skier's Edge Resistance Adjustment Design

The new easy-to-adjust variable resistance was one of the key features that was improved upon. The new design allows users to set the resistance of the machine quickly and easily, with only one hand.

The Skier's Edge at Snowbird

The number of bands on the new machines increased from 2 bands to 5 bands, which improved the performance and safety of the machines. It also improved the realistic feel of the Skier’s Edge to simulate the carving motion of skis, and a smooth lateral stride.

The Skier's Edge Design Helps Athletes in Many Sports Including Hockey

Because of this realistic simulation and unique lateral motion, the Skier’s edge has become a popular training machine for athletes in sports that require side-to-side movements. From pro athletes in the NHL, to the U.S. Ski Team Center of Excellence in Park City, UT, it is used the world over. The Skier’s Edge has proven itself as one of the most reliable ways to build the lateral strength that is coveted by skiers, hockey players, and athletes the world over.

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