Better than Hockey Camp! How Young Athletes Can Train for Hockey at Home

Hockey is a sport which requires a lot of dedication and time. Many hours of practice need to be put in to acquire physical fitness, technical skill, and mental quickness. From a young age, athletes need to begin building a good foundation in all of these aspects to help them be successful in the sport. This has given rise to the popularity of hockey camps for kids, where group practices can help build skills and simulate game situations. But it’s not always easy – or even possible – for many players to train on the ice, or to attend hockey camp. It can be difficult to decide where to invest time and money to help families get the best hockey training possible. So how can young athletes effectively train for hockey at home?

Hockey camps offer many great opportunities for kids to learn and practice in a group setting, but let’s be honest, it only lasts for about a week. And after that, what then? It is not a week of intense training that will make a child into a great hockey player. It is the consistent practice that they put in day after day. The time taken to master skills, get faster, and have more fun.

Train Like The Pros

This is the same training principle used by elite NHL players to perform at the top level of the sport: consistency is key. Many of these players have discovered a secret weapon which has helped maximize their daily off-ice training: the Skier’s Edge!

The Skier’s Edge has provided me with such an amazing training tool. I’ve always looked for a way to work my legs and my conditioning through low impact resistance, and the Skier’s Edge provides exactly that! I can’t get enough of it.

Tyler Myers – NHL, Vancouver Canucks

But this isn’t technology available only to the best of the best. Families all across the US and Canada have been bringing the same equipment into their homes. Train like the pros today with the Skier’s Edge!

The Skier’s Edge for Hockey

The Skier’s Edge is a compact machine that fits conveniently in your living room, designed to help build lateral strength, explosive power, balance, and control. With its 5-band variable resistance system, it is safe for kids to use, and easily adjustable for the whole family!

Connor is 10, and a great example of a young elite athlete, who through determination and discipline has taken his hockey game to the next level with the Skier’s Edge. It was the perfect complement to his off-ice training. Plus, as you can see in the video below, he has tons of fun using it!

The Skier’s Edge combines cardio and resistance training elements with a side-to-side skating motion. It strengthens the unique muscle groups used in the lateral motion of skating, as well as simulating the cardiovascular intensity required to perform on the ice. This translates to a strong skating stride. It’s an exceptional way to train for hockey at home and develop the speed and strength you need so you can make the most of your time in the rink. It can be used for agility drills, as well as technique work and high-intensity interval training.

At-Home Hockey Training for All Skill Levels

A variety of accessories are available for the Skier’s Edge. This allows for a natural progression in skill level and strength, from total beginners to elite hockey players. The Assistant Coach Bar is perfect for younger kids or those just starting out. The Poles which come with the Skier’s Edge are a great next step when you have developed strength, but still need a little help with balance. Using the Skier’s Edge hands-free is great for developing coordination, balance, and core strength. You can also practice with a hockey stick to mimic your stride on the ice. Older youth might benefit from incorporating a weighted vest to help build strength. With the addition of Transport Wheels, you can make the machine easy for children to move and use.

The Skier’s Edge is not only effective, but also fun training for kids! We love the creativity of the young athlete above, who has found interesting and innovative ways to train with the Skier’s Edge year round. The family stores their machine in the garage, where this 10-year-old hockey player uses it for cross-training in the winter. But on nice days, or during the summer, he likes to pull it out and set up a training circuit with his friends! They include stick handling drills, interval sprints on the Skier’s Edge, and shooting into a net. The Transport Wheels on their machine let him do this all by himself! He loves finding creative ways to train, and his mother shares how it has dramatically improved his hockey game:

My son wasn’t able to do any on ice training for 4 months because of the pandemic. When we were finally able to get him back on the ice, I was surprised and excited that he looked stronger and faster than ever. I know it’s because we had the Skier’s Edge at home.

Dr. Jennifer W.
The Wise family has fun training year-round with their Skier’s Edge!

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