Second Chances: The Skier’s Edge Story of a Masters Ski Racer

The Accident.

Skier's Edge Ski Racer 1

Early on I was plagued with injuries. At a race, while going through the finish, I hooked an edge and was sent into a 6”x 6” fence post. I crushed my tibia and compound fractured my fibula. The doctors said my options were severely limited. I endured 10 surgeries and multiple hospital stays.

My future was uncertain, not knowing if I would ever ski again, let alone race. After multiple complications my only option was to have a steel rod inserted in my leg. I further endured 4 ACL reconstructions plus a low back surgery. I was plagued with muscular imbalance from the accident and I desperately needed something that could get my body to a balanced fitness level.

The Godsend: Skier’s Edge

I needed to learn how to be active again. I looked for anything that was low impact yet physical enough to get me to a state that I could ski again. After seeing the Skier’s Edge advertisements for years, I thought to myself, “Could this really do what it claims or is it just another gimmick?”

While visiting a friend in Colorado I saw the Skier’s Edge machine for the first time. He dared me to do 60 turns in a minute which I thought was going to be a piece of cake. Needless to say, at about turn 48 and 10 seconds to go, I hit the proverbial brick wall. My previous training just wasn’t enough. I wobbled off the machine and realized that my muscles were being worked to the maximum without any impact to my knee joints or the steel rod in my leg, and I was virtually pain free. This was a first! Right then, I knew that this machine was NO GIMMICK!

The stress and strain of other medium to high impact training methods limited my ability to get back into shape. This low impact workout focused on my legs as well as my core. Working out on the machine for the past 3 seasons, I’ve been able to reach my goals and be stronger than ever.

Better Than Ever!

Skier's Edge Ski Racer 2

The Skier’s Edge has given me renewed confidence in my skill to compete and perform at any level I desire. I’m now confident going to races knowing that I will be able to handle the dynamics of the most difficult courses. Training year- round on the Skier’s Edge has enabled me to accomplish just that. I have the ability to literally get on the machine for a few minutes and pump out 200 to 300 turns before actually training on my skis. This has helped me polish my technique as well as increase my endurance and strength.

This past racing season, at the Masters National Downhill in Big Sky, I was competitive. I finished second overall. The Skier’s Edge has given me the power and balance that I needed. I’ve also gained confidence in my ability to avoid difficult situations and recover from serious crashes. For example, in the Super G at Nationals, I hooked an edge at around 60 mph and ended up going backwards. After a brief conversation with God, I had the confidence and ability to turn back around and avoid a season ending crash.

Why EVERY Skier Needs A Skier’s Edge in Their Life.

I hope you can see, with all the challenges that I have faced, that this machine is for real. I use the machine for my private coaching clinics, high school coaching, and of course for my everyday personal fitness. My only regret is that I didn’t get a Skier’s Edge sooner. As a 37 year old Masters Ski Racer, I’m skiing faster than I was in my 20’s. I can’t stress enough how much this machine has helped me gain back so much, after the doctors pretty much told me that I would never ski again.

Steve Lindemer
Director Midwest Masters
USSA Central Masters Cordinator

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