From That Moment- How the Skier’s Edge Changed My Life as a Skier FOREVER- Huw’s Story

I will never forget the first time I caught my first wave surfing. There was an instantaneous realization that nothing was going to be the same afterwards. I was hooked and addicted to the sport immediately. That experience was what came to mind the first time I hit the slopes after training on the Skier’s Edge.

Like NOTHING I’ve Ever Felt Before.

On my first run, I gathered some speed and then I leaned into the turn…and I leaned… and leaned…and leaned….and before I knew what was happening, my hip and inside hand were inches off the snow, hugging the mountain.AND….IT FELT ABSOLUTELY NATURAL!!! I was CARVING down the hill like I had never done before in my life, yet now, it felt like something I had done a million times.

 I cannot overstate how effortless and natural the motion of skiing became. The change/improvement was utterly dramatic.With each turn, instead of concentrating on NOT falling, I was yearning…searching…screaming for more speed!!! I wasn’t any braver than the last time I was on the slopes, I was just fundamentally in so much better control than I had ever been before.

The Epiphany

It took about three more runs before I had another incredible realization that I have to attribute to the Skier’s Edge. It was our first day on the slopes and someone in our group started complaining about “THE BURN”, that dreaded burning sensation in your leg muscles pleading with you to stop!! It was at that moment that I realized I had just made several runs without any of my muscles screaming at me to quit.  It was the first day of skiing and I was at the conditioning level that normally required a week of skiing!  

Top-to-bottom without stopping?….No problem!  On several occasions, I was going down the mountain trying to figure out what was different about the run than last year, and then it would hit me- ”You have never gone down this run without stopping to catch your breath!!! You are now experiencing a world that was previously completely foreign to you.”

Skier's Edge in Apartment

The Common Denominator- The Skier’s Edge 

In short, this machine has fundamentally changed everything I know about skiing. I went from enjoying skiing to CRAVING it, the experience was that dramatic. I have read many of the comments regarding the benefits of the Skier’s Edge and I can attest to every one of them. My only regret is that I didn’t find this product sooner.

Huw’s Timeline For Carving The Perfect Turn

  • October 2019:  First started using Skier’s Edge.  By the end of month, I was averaging 5K turns a week. (About 15 minutes a day to see benefits!)
  • November 2019:  5K+ turns per week but now with poles OFF the floor. (1000 turns on average in 15 minutes)
  • Thanksgiving 2019 – First ski run after 1 ½ months of Skier’s Edge training – Life Changing Experience!

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