The Secret to The Best Skiing Ever!

By: Jared Drinkwater

© Fischer Sports GmbH

Last year was the best skiing year ever for me. Usually, I attribute my great skiing to great conditions, like when it snows non-stop for an entire month. But what made last year “The Best” was the way I was skiing. My skiing was simply phenomenal!

My personal ski revolution started as I made my rounds at the Denver ski show.
After checking out a pair of skis and looking into some vacation packages I came across something really incredible- the Skier’s Edge demo booth. The Skier’s Edge is an exercise machine designed for Skiers. It operates in a side-by-side motion and works the legs and body just like skiing. I was intrigued to say the least, and I quickly asked if I could try one. After a few short minutes on the machine I was feeling the burn! I was getting a great workout and felt just like skiing. The motion was so much fun that I didn’t want to get off of the machine. When I saw the rep walking over to me, I was sure that he would ask me to step off for the next person to get a chance. Instead of kicking me off, he gave me a quick lesson on technique. What an awesome practice tool! I was so impressed by the workout and training benefits of the Skier’s Edge that I ordered one on the spot.

That purchase was the reason my skiing was so phenomenal last year. My workouts on the Skier’s Edge got me in great skiing shape prior to the first snowfall, and I was in mid-season form right from the start. Continued workouts throughout the season gave me loads of energy and excellent form… and it just got better and better! My turns were powerful and well executed; I skied the difficult areas of the mountain with new found confidence. My balance was razor sharp, able to anticipate and react to anything the mountain had to throw at me. I skied the entire day without getting exhausted and I left the resort with a smile on my face.

Over the years I have tried loads of hot gear, and innovative technology which claim to make dramatic improvements to your skiing. But nothing has come close to what the Skier’s Edge has done for me. Nothing! Sure, new skis are nice, but what about a new body to control those skis- that’s where I found dramatic improvements. First of all, I got in great shape. Workouts on the Skier’s Edge gave me excellent aerobic conditioning and developed strength and power in all the ski specific muscles. Second, the motion trained my muscles how to execute perfect ski turns. The combination of conditioning and technique is simply unbeatable.

One surprising benefit was the improvement in my driving distance in the golf course. The weight transfer in my swing became powerful and consistent. The Skier’s Edge has proven to be an exceptional cross-trainer. In simple terms, it’s given me confidence, power and control, making my skiing and my golf game the best it’s ever been.

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